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About Poly lanema

Poly Lanema is a Lanema Group company, headquartered in Ovar and has been operating in the market for more than 20 years. Since it was founded, there have been a number of developments in the company, hence the increase in its area from 80 m2 to its current 20,000 m2. Focused on the latest technologies, Poly Lanema operates primarily in two different fields: in Engineered Plastics and Technical Aluminium and in the sale of Standard Products, complemented by one of the most advanced cutting centres in Europe. With a varied range of Engineered Plastics and Technical Aluminium, it holds up to 3,000 tonnes of stock and also offers a specialist team to study and advise on the best solutions for each customer’s needs. Its logistics system and cutting-edge storage facility enable Poly Lanema to offer customers a huge range of Standard Products such as: mechanical transmissions, bearings, bushings, linear motion guides, feather keys, ball screws, and other products.


LANEMA's mission is to create long-term economic and social value by transmitting the benefits of progress and innovation to an increasing number of people.

The company promotes a Quality of excellence policy, counting on a specialized and ambitious multidisciplinary team that continuously has access to the most advanced technological means.

The bet on innovation, quality and rigor are the basis of our leadership and positioning strategy, promoting distinction and unique prestige in the market.


▪ To promote the continuous improvement of internal processes;

▪ To raise and exceed the level of satisfaction of the most demanding customers;

▪ Commitment to meet applicable requirements;

▪ To continuously train HR in order to develop individual skills and value teamwork;

▪ To use the Q.M.S. as an important means of assisting the organization's mission;

▪ The correct functioning of the Q.M.S. based on standard NP EN ISO 9001.



We live with the existence of daily challenges! We believe that identification and standardization of processes are the key to our differentiation. By reinventing processes and identifying opportunities, innovation for LANEMA will always be the result of curiosity combined with dedication and creativity. We want to be different and that involves improvement in everything we do! Excellence will always be our motivation!

It is the promise of daily dedication! It is a bond and an individual commitment. "To be company people" is what makes us ready for any challenge. Consistency and our professional integrity are the air we breathe!

We believe that people and their motivation are the lever for success. Teams are the mirror of responsibility and excellence that ensure that every day we can grow and achieve goals.

The Customer is the reason why we exist. Our focus is the anticipation of their expectations and learning about them. Getting their trust and loyalty is the basis of our sustainability.