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Conditions Générales de Vente

1.1. Our proposals are based on prices of raw materials quoted on the stock exchange. Given the constant fluctuations in the current market, the prices shown may change at any time, so we reserve the right to revise them at the time of the order confirmation.
1.2. The figures presented in the proposals are calculated as a whole. In the case of partial adjudication, Polylanema reserves the right to update the proposed values.
1.3. Orders must be made in writing.
1.4. Upon receipt of an order this is considered effective. Any change requested by Customer will be renegotiated.
1.5. The weights mentioned in the Invoice are merely indicative and may be subject to variation.
1.6. The calculation for the weights of Engineering Plastics is calculated according to the weight specified in our catalog.
1.7. Whenever the Customer provides a Solid and Technical Drawing, the Solid is what prevails, unless otherwise specified by the Customer
1.8. All dimensions without tolerance in the drawing shall be performed according to General Tolerance ISO 2768 - mK.

2 .1. Delivery time is based on approximate working days from the date of customer order confirmation and excluding sale.
2.2. The delivery times are given as an indication of each order and can not in any case constitute a firm commitment to supply by a fixed date and always according to the availability of the supplier.
2.3. Delivery times are considered to be extended for justified reasons or for reasons of force majeure, including difficulties in the acquisition, transport or import of goods in general and for reasons not attributable to the will or predict polylanema manufacturer or its represented, so that any delays arising therefrom shall not constitute a fair cause for the cancellation of the order by the customer.
2.4. Polylanema can not be held responsible for damage due to delivery delays or any sort of penalties.

3. CONDITIONS OF shipping and packing
3.1. The packaging to be used is defined by Polylanema unless a special packaging is agreed in advance.
3.2. The shipment and transport of the goods always take place at the client's risk and expense, even if Polylanema at its request coordinates the respective shipment.
3.3. The cargo is the customer's responsibility.

4.1. Pending agreed other supply conditions, our invoices are paid on cash payment. Payment must be made in cash, debit card, check or bank transfer.
4.2. In case of a non Portugal company, the payment cannot be made by bank check, it can be incorporated into bank expenses.
4.3. If payment by bank transfer is chosen, one of the following banking entities may be selected:
– NOVO BANCO: PT50 0007 0601 0015 4060 0184 9
- BCP: PT50 0033 0000 0014 8381 9680 5
- SANTANDER: PT50 0018 0003 1452 7519 0205 2
- CGD: PT50 0035 0573 0005 7155 3300 7
- BPI: PT50 0010 0000 5484 4900 0014 3
4.4. The provision requires credit analysis and approval of polylanema, with regard to conditions, amount and payment period to agree in writing.
4.5. Polylanema reserves the right at any time to cancel supplies, in particular in cases where credit limits, amounts or deadlines are exceeded. These limits and criteria are established solely by Polylanema, without having to justify them.
4.6. When the customer anticipates payment up to 30 days from the Invoice you can benefit from a 1% discount.
4.7. Polylanema reserves the right to charge default interest in accordance with the legislation in force.

5.1. Only refunds will be accepted if previously agreed with Polylanema.
5.2. Only duly proven manufacturing defects will be accepted and where they have been used under normal and to which they were designed.
5.3. Claims can not be extended to no more than the restoration and / or replacement of defective goods thus not responsible for any machining costs.

The personal data provided to Polylanema, Lda by clients are only intended for the fulfillment of a contract between Lanema and customers. These data may be delivered to the Public Services and to the judicial authority by virtue of legal provision. Under the law, customers may request the Company to access or rectify their personal data.

Aluminium alloys capable of an ultimate tensile strenght of 460 MPa as tested at temperature of 20° C and in the form of tube oy cylindrical solid forms with an outsider diameter of more than 75 mm is a DUAL-USE PRODUCT (Aluminium alloy 7075). It’s in the list position nr. 1C202. The product(s) shall not be used for the purpose of making any nuclear explosive devices or military purposes or any activities relating to nuclear fuel cycle, such activities not being under the safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

According to Article 33 of the REACH Regulation, the AW2007 alloy contains substances in a concentration greater than 0.1%. Substance included in the list of candidates.

9.1. In case of dispute, it is expressed that the competent court will be the headquarters will respect polylanema, expressly waiving any other.
9.2. Polylanema reserves the right, when acting as a complainant of a legal action, to take this action at the buyer's place or in his residence, in Portugal or abroad.

Approval date: 27.10.2021