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Modern cutting technology tailored to your project

In order to provide our customers with the most modern cutting services on the market, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment namely waterjet cutting equipment, and currently we have a set of 5-axis waterjet cutting machines with cutting capacity up to 6000x2000x200mm and with an accuracy of approximately 0.1mm (depending on the material).

This installed capacity of cutting service enables:
- an output increase of produced parts
- production of bigger sized parts
- production of parts of increased complexity.

Main advantages of water jet cutting

- possible reduction of machining times and costs, in particular with the removal of excess material
- minimum material waste
- clean cuts and without burrs
- faster than other conventional cuts
- we execute CAD
- different cutting types available: thin medium and thick
- we make complex cuts
- better quality and accuracy
- we cut almost all kind of material
- cold cut, that is, there is no molecular alteration of the material
- more environmentally friendly
- used water is recycled
- reduced levels of dust and hazardous gases.

Project management and cutting costs

At Poly Lanema and in order to present the best value proposition to our customers, we carry out a thorough analysis of the technical information regarding each piece to be cut, as well as the material that will be cut. Using specific programs of dimensional management, with our services of waterjet cutting we can ensure a better use of the plates (optimized nesting) of different materials, which allows:
- reduction of production times
- elimination production steps required for other types of cutting
- reduction of the amount of spent material.

Such reductions and elimination allow the expected and desired reduction of cutting costs of parts, combined with greater accuracy and cutting quality.

Additional benefits for our customers

It is thanks to a unique combination of waterjet cutting service capacity and the stock of technical materials that at Poly Lanema we have been able to provide our customers a delivery service of cut parts, and of course of material, in 24/48 Hours.

Some of the materials we can cut with the waterjet:

- plastic
- alumininum
- steel
- cork
- glass
- wood
- stone
- porcelain
- composites.

Waterjet cutting machines
up to 5 axles up to 6000x2000x200mm