1978 Foundation more

Foundation of Lanema Company on 12 October 1978 in the field of import materials for the industry in general.
1992 Modernization more
  • Lanema purchased by the current administration
  • Beginning of the modernization process
1995 New Product Range more
New Product Range
Introduction of a new product range: Mechanical Transmissions; Bronze; Technical Aluminium and Engineering Plastics.
1996 Development more
  • Moving for news facilities with an área of 1.200m2.
  • Business consolidation.
  • Number of workers increases and new products
  • Implementation of a storage system more faster and efficient.
1998 1st Tradeshow more
1st Tradeshow
First participation in Tradeshows (EMAF).
2003 New Facilities - Zona Industrial de Ovar more
New Facilities - Zona Industrial de Ovar
  • Change facilities to a total área of 10.000m2 na Zona Industrial de Ovar.
  • Creation of the largest logistics center of semi-finished products in Portugal.
  • Acquisition of the first CNC machine with vacuum attachment.
2005 Acquisition of SUNEMETAL more
Acquisition of SUNEMETAL
  • Acquisition of SUNEMETAL (Portuguese Company of Engineering Plastics and Technical Aluminium).
  • National and International projection.
2008 Certification more
ISO 9001/2008 Certification
2010 Lanema presence in Spain more
Lanema presence in Spain
  • Purchases of SERTU assets in Madrid and Barcelona. Change name to "LANEMA DE ALUMINIOS Y PLÁSTICOS, S.L.". Reinforcement of the presence in Spain.
  • Facilities expansion for a total area of 20,000m2.
  • First participation in an International Tradeshow (METALMADRID).
  • Renewal of SME (PME) Leader statue.
2011 WaterJet Cutting more
WaterJet Cutting
  • Acquisition of a new waterjet cutting machine (cutting dimensions up to 6000 x 2000 MM and thicknesses up to 200 MM).
  • Restructuring of Lanema Group.
  • Constitution of poly lanema, Lda.
2015 EPDA Member more
EPDA Member


    • New Member of European Plastics Distributors Association (EPDA).
    • Launch of the New Website
    • Participation at Moldplás Tradeshow